Taupo Track Day - 5th September 2014

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Taupo Track Day - 5th September 2014

Post by xnickx »

Hi all once again!

I am hosting yet another non profit trackday, any proceeds (if any as each year we have been running these at a loss!) will go towards subsidising the trackday for the year after.
This will be run alongside AltezzaClubNZ's annual MegaMeet trackday, hence all the Altezzas coming on the track.
However, we welcome all makes and models to join us.

Taupo Motorsport Park – Full Track

5th September 2014
8.30am to 4.30pm

Open track day, grip only, no drifting!

$150.00 Per Driver

Limited to MAX 35 cars only, so places will be allocated on a first paid basis

Taupo Track Confirmed/Paid List:
[Strictly limited to the first 35 PAID cars]
1 - Jake | jakeus [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
2 - Dion | Sausage [ACNZ - HCR32 Skyline] - Payment Received
3 – Liam | LEXTACY01 [ACNZ - Secret] - Payment Received
4 – Matt | NZWar4Life [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
5 – William | GTTPower [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
6 - Alan | Soiled Altezza [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
7 - Mark | jdmtezz [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
8 - Donald | 2ToneTezza [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
9 - Bayden | NA [NA - VH Commodore] - Payment Received
10. David | NA [SA22C RX7] - Payment Received
11 - Jeremy | NA [VT Commodore] - Payment Received
12 – Keegan | KMG [ACNZ - GXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
13 – Trisha | SLAPAH [ACNZ - R32 Skyline] - Payment Received
14 - Steven | NA [NA - Torana] - Payment Received
15 - Andrew | NA [NA - R33 Skyline] - Payment Received
16 – Brendon | Ben's Blue RS200Z [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
17 – Timothy | BearlyTurboTimmy [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
18 - Roderick | roderick92 [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
19 – Stu | HOT2XS [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
20 – Peter | petererer [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
21 – Karl | NA [NA - E36 BMW] - Payment Received
22 – Craig | NA [NA - JZA80 Supra] - Payment Received
23 – Tim | NA [NA - Z33 350Z] - Payment Received
24 – Ollie | NA [NA - EF Civic] - Payment Received
25 – Remo | Rem [ACNZ - SXE10 Altezza] - Payment Received
26 –
27 –
28 –
29 –
30 –
31 –
32 –
33 –
34 –
35 -

Taupo Track Details:
Full Track for the full day:

It will be a non-competitive event as we are not running it under a Motor Sport NZ permit. All timing gear used will be 'un-official' lap times.

Requirements for Trackday:
- WOF and Rego
- Helmet (Motorcycle and motocross helmets ok)
- 100% Cotton Overalls or track suits
- Socks and shoes - no jandles etc
- Fire extinguisher (optional)
- Valid Restricted or Full Licence
- Car cleaned out
- Battery fully secured
- Minimum WOF standard tires (bald tires are not allowed on)

The track is licenced to run in an anti-clockwise direction

No Drifting or excessive burnouts permitted, this is a GRIP DAY.

No previous track experience is necessary. You only push yourself as hard as you want to. Remember places will be allocated on a first in – first served basis.

Track Day Payment
Please deposit money for the trackday into the following bank account:
Account Name: Nick Chiew
Account Number: 12-3072-0571201-52
Bank: ASB
Internet transfers only please
Please use your login name as a reference, and email Nick [nick.chiew@orcon.net.nz] when payment has been made.

The "Taupo Track Waiver Indemnity Document" that all drivers/passengers need to sign will be provided to sign on day.

NB. For those not wanting to take their car on track, there are many positions, such as marshalling etc for you to help out with on the day! - Please contact me for more info, food and drinks to be provided for helpers.
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Re: Taupo Track Day - 5th September 2014

Post by xnickx »

Updated - surely there must be atleast 1/2 JZXs that go on the track... :P

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Re: Taupo Track Day - 5th September 2014

Post by xnickx »

Updated the list, few more days to go!

Surely some JZXs can turn some corners and have some fun...

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Re: Taupo Track Day - 5th September 2014

Post by phys »

I know this is super old....but I just wanted to jump on here and say a few words about this day. I went along in my 90 to the most recent event and had a Farkin blast!
So much track time I was happy to pack up and go home! Well run and with a sweet bunch of people.
This was a mixed drift day but I have to say if you were not a complete tool bag wrecking the grass by spinning off and being a douche....the crew were willing to let a few mid corner lift off's go.... :P

Mean feed after if you hung around and a few cold ones with other drivers etc and talked some smack and a real good bunch. I highly reccomend getting along next year, I know I will sure as hell be going and it would be awesome to see some others head along for a blast too in our taxi's.

Thanks Nick


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Taupo Track Day 5th September 2014

Post by Lauralow »

Im going to be going to my second track day Im pretty new at the whole track thing can anyone give me a lift Im in Pasadena area

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