Aftermarket Actuator install & support

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Aftermarket Actuator install & support

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Hi everyone!

I purchased a Arashi Dynamics actuator with various springs to replace my stock one. I want to set the spring at just off 1 bar to keep things happy. Firstly has anyone here done something like this? Do i need to remove turbo? Or can I just pull off the bits on top and change actuator on car? I know Ive got to set the preload on the spring, so that might be bit tricky.

Along with the Actuator, I got an Auto Gauge Boost gauge. I've plumed it to the little vacuum nipple off the intake. Now looking for the best power, Acc, and Ground. Prob just going to remove the trim and take off the stereo. Id like the dimming as well.

Finally, I have seen that supporting mods would be something like the TOMEI EXPREME TURBINE OUTLET PIPE or similar? Does anyone do a like product here in NZ for this? This plus downpipe would get the advantage of that additional boost. I've got FMIC and cold air intake, plus might upgrade the injectors to 2jz or similar.

All being said, Is this a decent setup for bit of BPU? Not looking to go too far at this point, as she's a nice clean stock ver of the car.
I'm installing the boost gauge first to see what current stock boost is and that I've got no leaks etc.

Prob best to get in and remove all the turbo side bits and do everything at once? Anyone swapped out the turbo core for one of those steel one that you can get pretty cheap? Or just stay stock?

Any suggestions and or help appreciated.

Its a 1997 Chaser Tourer V

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